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As a small country, the number of people graduating from a psychiatric degree is expected to fluctuate, but the current shortage tends to be shameful by the president of the Icelandic Psychiatric Association, Frétta blaðið reports. increase.

Iceland has been trained by very strong professionals, and in recent years several doctors have specialized in psychiatry, but if this does not change soon, the country will have the psychiatrists needed in the future. The numbers cannot be accommodated, says Karl Reynir Einarsson, president of the Icelandic Psychiatric Association. The attending physician of the Department of Mental Health in Ray Canes.

Since 2018, Iceland has not graduated from a psychiatrist and has not had a regular master’s degree in psychiatric nursing for years. The University of Iceland will launch a new program this fall to address the deficit.

According to an informal assessment by Landspítali, hospital psychiatric services, along with other specialists, require at least 50 full-time nurses, 10 professional psychiatric nurses, and 10 psychiatrists.

Currently, there is no contract between an independent psychiatrist and Icelandic health insurance, but Karl says it creates uncertainty. “With no consensus and very unclear directions, it is very difficult to plan future work. Specialists, like where to create teams and sometimes very special groups, We closed the gap in the system because we didn’t define our own group, “Karl says.

However, certain groups are often excluded from the system. “Especially one. Service to people with autism who have mental health problems is shameful and criticized in Iceland,” says Karl.

The situation is dire for both the psychiatrist’s practice and the waiting patient. “Some psychiatrists have chosen to work beyond their normal retirement age, even in their 80s. There’s a lot to do and it’s hard to stop,” says Karl. “And when they and many grown-ups are heading for retirement, the system has a snowball effect, so it’s better to have someone to take over.”

However, Karl says he is feeling a change in attitude within the health system with the arrival of the new health minister. A better day will come for this band. “I think it’s clear that the former Minister of Health did not have any particular good intentions towards folk medicine. But now, with the addition of the new Minister of Health, I hope that a new attitude towards folk medicine will be born. It’s very cost-effective and I believe it’s good when appropriate. I’m confident that Willam can make a difference in these issues, “says Karl.

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