They say adversity creates creativity. That maxim certainly applies to restaurants in Reykjavik. It was a slim choice when we first started summarizing the issue of Best of Reykjavik, but over the years, decision making has become less and less easy. This was really one of the most difficult dining editions we could put together, as we were content with the choice in terms of both quality and consistency. Old and new restaurants have post-pandemic energy and we are pleased to decorate their tables again. We chopped, chewed, and devoured around this wonderful city in the name of bringing you the best Reykjavik has to offer.

The best burgers


Tryggvagata 14, 101 Reykjavik

Photo by Art Bicnic

They are back, and how! Craft Burger OG may have lost the throne last year, but they seem to have kept their feedback in mind as these burgers are better than ever. Too many things, one of the panels said, “I eat here often. My friends think I actually live here.” And there is a good reason. No one cooks potato bread to a crisp and perfect toast like them, or cooks patties to such a moderately unusual taste. Everything is made from scratch, including seasonings! It’s a gourmet fast food, with meticulous attention to detail and no sacrifice in fun and flavor. Our current favorite? Trump Tower.

runner up:


Multiple locations

Yuzu burger.Photo by Art Bicnic

Yuzu continues to grow and gain popularity with the recent tremendous momentum. But consistency, the dreaded Achilles heel of Icelandic restaurants, is not immune to them. But in most cases, burgers continue to be a delicious alternative to simple standard dishes, with the chili cheese burger coriander-twig, hot sauce, and yuzu mayonnaise combo still performing well. “This is a good grease fix,” confessed one of the panelists.


2 people

Laugavegur 105, 101 Reykjavik

Photo by Joana Fontinha

Their title was the famous 5 Guys chain riff, and the 2 Guys were burgers that we were ready to ignore. But they have us between bread and putty! By Robbie’Kronik’ and chef Hjalti Vignisson, these are one-handed burgers in a textbook perfect for a night out with friends. The laid-back nostalgic burgers are full of humor and charm. Don’t you believe us? Try 2 packs of candied jalapeno and crushed Doritos.

Previous winners

2021: Yuzu
2020: Le Kock / Búllan
2019: Lecoq

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