They say adversity creates creativity. That maxim certainly applies to restaurants in Reykjavik. It was a slim choice when we first started summarizing the issue of Best of Reykjavik, but over the years, decision making has become less and less easy. This was really one of the most difficult dining editions we could put together, as we were content with the choice in terms of both quality and consistency. Old and new restaurants have post-pandemic energy and we are pleased to decorate their tables again. We chopped, chewed, and devoured around this wonderful city in the name of bringing you the best Reykjavik has to offer.

The best lamb

Sumac grill + drink

Lauga Vegle 28

Photo by Art Bicnic

If you can’t stop singing the praises of Icelandic lambs like us, eating with a dull fillet of meat drowning in sauce is justice to Iceland’s wild wandering sheep. You need to know that it doesn’t bring. Toxicodendron is one of the few places to cook lambs without using sous vide. Unpretentious lamb ribs cooked on the grill, kissed with smoke, and licked with flames are quite difficult to put on. Toxicodendron is served with stir-fried grapes, stir-fried almonds, and a splash of diluted Muhammara and lentils. It’s a dish you can’t get enough, and thankfully the restaurant didn’t dare to remove it from the menu.

runner up:


Geirsgata 7b

Photo by Art Bicnic

As you pass through the door and enter the Kasbah, you may feel like you have traveled back in time. We do not blame you. Gorgeous restaurants bring Moroccan slices to the heart of Reykjavik without resorting to clichés. There are several lamb dishes on the menu, but our favorites are lamb and prune tagines. Served with hot piping, the lamb has a soft, ground cinnamon and aroma that has fallen from the bones. Wipe off the sticky juice with a fluffy “hobs” that is baked at home every day.

runner up:



Photo by Bjorn Arnasson

Lamb chops are definitely a photogenic cut in the meat world. In addition to the fact that bone-cooked meat produces more juicy meat and great presentations, the grill market goes one step further by sourcing only the highest quality cuts from local farms. Perfectly seasoned and cooked in delicate pink shades, the marble chunks do not require even a small amount of sauce.

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