They say adversity creates creativity. That maxim certainly applies to restaurants in Reykjavik. It was a slim choice when we first started summarizing the issue of Best of Reykjavik, but over the years, decision making has become less and less easy. This was really one of the most difficult dining editions we could put together, as we were content with the choice in terms of both quality and consistency. Old and new restaurants have post-pandemic energy and we are pleased to decorate their tables again. We chopped, chewed, and devoured around this wonderful city in the name of bringing you the best Reykjavik has to offer.

The best pizza


Multiple locations

Photo by Art Bicnic

Educating the country beyond the pizza chain pie diet is not an easy task, but we admire them because they were aiming for exactly that when Flatey jumped out into the field. Sure, there may be subtle concerns about quality and poor service, but overall, they are still the grandfather of craftsmanship pizza. Margherita continues to be a favorite of the panel. Who can argue with milky mozzarella cheese and tomatoes?

runner up:

Pluto pizza

Hagame Rule 67

Photo by Art Bicnic

Plútó may not have been the most reliable horse in the pizza race, but after the short square pizza blunder (which shouldn’t be said too much), they turned things around and popular neighborhood pies. Returned to throw. Great for takeaway, all of these New York style pies have a familiar and soothing taste. Make like a local and order pepperoni, dates and cream cheese. Believe in us.


Stupid idiot


Photo by Hilmer Greterson

We were so surprised by the stupid pizza that there was a fierce debate about whether they should immediately take the top spot rather than waiting in line as newcomers. The pizza here is an eye candy, with a good crust-to-body ratio and perfectly rounded. Blisters reveal a careful tendency, toppings are balanced symphonies (get a lamp when the season comes), and they are, well, delicious as a whole. The pizza war has begun, and we are here for it!

Previous winners

2021: Fratoei
2020: Flatey / Búllan
2019: Fratoei

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