They say adversity creates creativity. That maxim certainly applies to restaurants in Reykjavik. It was a slim choice when we first started summarizing the issue of Best of Reykjavik, but over the years, decision making has become less and less easy. This was really one of the most difficult dining editions we could put together, as we were content with the choice in terms of both quality and consistency. Old and new restaurants have post-pandemic energy and we are pleased to decorate their tables again. We chopped, chewed, and devoured around this wonderful city in the name of bringing you the best Reykjavik has to offer.

The best sushi



Photo by Josie Gaitens

Fiskmarkaðurinn has been dealing with Reykjavik in Icelandic sushi spins for over a decade. Although it may have a love-hate relationship with “Icelandic Pils Sushi”, Fiskmarkaðurinn offers a great iteration on the “Volcano Langoustine roll”. This is salmon and cucumber sushi rolls sprinkled with scampi tartare and shichimi pepper. Sticking to sashimi on the rocks (all of its dramatic talents) and sushi will make you a happy camper.

runner up:

Fisk félagið

Vesturgata 2a

Photo by Art Bicnic

This restaurant may not boast an extensive sushi menu, but they pay close attention to what they are doing. A platter of “small” and “big” sushi that is especially popular at lunch and ideal for both business and luxury lunches (mysteriously named “French sushi”. What do French people have to do with sushi? ?) Will be provided.

Runner down:

Sushi social


Photo by Art Bicnic

Sushi Social may have no problem borrowing freely from more established institutions abroad. But what they correctly understand is their love for local sushi presented in a hyper-local format. During pop-ups and guest chef appearances, they serve delicious Japanese treats. I haven’t recovered from the magic of fresh rice balls made with Japanese pepper a few years ago. But on regular turntables, Icelandic sushi is glorious or they cheekyly call it “juicy sushi.” Continue to admit it, it may not be traditional, but it’s certainly delicious.

Previous winners

2021: Sushi Social
2020: Sushi Social / Osuhi
2019: Fiskmarkaðurinn

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