Two years have passed since the single or double flip cup flip flops were turned off, but by 2022 the bar was officially revived. This year certainly stood out in our local scene. Those who go to the bar were able to return their very grateful teeth to the weekly “Jamma”, as well as new spots and old classics stepping up to the sway of the plate and what they wanted. Provided. So get together again to celebrate the best Reykjavik nightlife offers and queue up the orchestra (and opals). Let’s be true: Icelanders love to drink. In fact, Icelanders probably don’t like to do more than drink. That may be the reason why there is no space program in this country …

Best date place

Romantic date

Port 9

Veghúsastígur 9

Photo by Art Bicnic

Cozy and secretive, Port 9 solves Reykjavik’s ancient problems. Can you go to a date that doesn’t see a lot of people I know, which will flood me later with a text about my new Paramore? Oh, sitting at détendezvous, mes amis, port 9, you feel like you’re away from the other world and there seems to be an implicit bond to forgive each other. As one panelist concludes, “If you need real romance, this is the only place.” So it’s a flirting, cham.

Casual dating

12 toner

Skólavörðustígur 15

Photo by Art Bicnic

The 12-tonar tiny bar was able to fly under the radar of many people, even though it is one of the city’s most unique spots. “I think it’s really cool to take someone here on a date. I feel like I can have a conversation just by sitting there,” laughed one panel member. “I was able to relax outside and speak music. It’s a great place for a low pressure afternoon date.”

Crater date

Einstök bar

Lauga Vegle 10

Photo from Art Bicnic

Einstök’s new downtown bar is the definition of a neutral area for meeting new people. “Everyone likes Einstök beer, the seats are great and very central,” our panel decided. “So you can meet, see if there’s an atmosphere, and hopefully tap in the middle of downtown, then go anywhere.”

Previous winners

2021: Port 9
2020: Hlemmur Mathöll

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