Mammut and Kælan Mikla prepares a feast for music lovers

When Rokkí Reykjavík unveiled an all-male line-up for this year’s show, it sparked controversy in the Icelandic media and society at large. Everyone agreed it was pretty silly for a female band to host a gig without a single she in 2022, but some went a step further. “Girls should have the same access to this wonder. So her band decided to hold their own gig on the same weekend, along with other female performers.

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long dream

“We were planning to have a show this fall at Gamla Bio, to mix songs from our latest album ‘Ride the Fire’ with other albums and perform them live,” says Ása. “We have wanted to do a back-to-back show with Kælan Mikla for a long time, so we asked them to join us. Many of my favourites) were supposed to represent the quintessence of Reykjavík rock music, but not one of them was a woman.

Kælan Mikla is currently on tour in Europe and managed to reach out to us and share his excitement about the gig. “A concert with Mammut, Grohr and Bern is a dream come true! It’s nothing more than enjoying and enjoying the music we’ve been creating over the years,” they said.

Official poster for the September 16th gig

planned coincidence

“The gig at Gamla Bíó takes place on the same weekend as Rokkí Reykjavík, but despite making an uncontroversial statement in light of the gig, it steals the spotlight, so the male vs. No, from what we are creating: a totally non-gendered celebration of sound and vision,” says Ása. “But this line-up definitely highlights the depth and diversity of female artists in Reykjavik’s indie/rock music scene. The gig is, incidentally or not, a celebration of women in rock.”

Kælan Mikla band members agree that the upcoming concert is neither a statement nor a protest. But this event gave us the chance to finally set up the show we’ve been waiting for for years!”

Mammut & Kaeran Micra

concert program

September gigs promise new songs and old favorites from Mammút and Kælan Mikla. “We want to play a lot of songs, but we can only do it for about an hour. We will,” says Ása.

“What we want to ignite is not a man-versus-woman debate.”

Kælan Mikla will perform the new album alongside some of the biggest hits from previous albums.

Both bands have slightly different styles and Ása is excited to see what kind of audience they will bring to the show. “Kælan Mikla is in the goth scene and we are more indie rock. I’m really interested,” she says.


choose a rock gig

“Gamla Bíó will be more fun. It’s never happened before and probably won’t happen again,” says Ása. “It will be a night to remember.”

to be born

“Our show is the day before Rokk í Reykjavík, so if you want, you can attend both. It’s a tough night to get all four busy bands together, and it’s rare,” says Kælan Mikla. We grew up with Börn and love to see Gróa continue to create great things like this.We are all really looking forward to setting this show up!”

Mammút & Kælan Mikla, supported by Gróa and Börn, will perform at Gamla Bíó on September 16th. Tickets can be purchased at

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