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Children with ADHD and other more visible disabilities are more likely to receive diagnosis and resources than children suffering from anxiety and depression, RÚV reports.

The attending physician at the Children’s Mental Health Center in Orafur Guzmundson has shown that an increasing number of children are suffering from invisible problems.

“The most noticeable thing is when the problem manifests itself in some rampant behavior that really disturbs adults and other children. It’s more likely to get caught,” says Ólafur. “But there are also more invisible problems related to emotions such as anxiety and depression, which shows that research around us has actually increased in recent years.”

It is becoming more apparent that there are many children in need of help that are overlooked because the hardships are hard to see by others.

“We see in school systems where many children are diagnosed with neurodevelopmental disorders, especially suspected conditions related to ADHD and impulsive behavior,” says Ólafur. “Therefore, it is clear that children with such problems are much more likely to be diagnosed and probably treated.”

Ólafur says children with high levels of anxiety, depression, or avoidant behavior are more likely to go under the radar. They often disappear from reality, become socially isolated, and even drop out of school, but without the same level of support.

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