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Parliament approved a resolution earlier this week to allow blood donations from gay men who were previously banned from donating blood, RÚV reports.

“Of course, we welcome the fact that technology, processes, etc. will allow more people to donate blood. So that as many people as possible can donate blood and more people can do good in society. It is in the great interest of society that all opportunities to create access to do so are positive, “said President Davíð Stefán Guðmundsson. Iceland Blood Donor Association.

Icelandic blood banks have recently struggled to meet their blood needs and are calling for more donors.

Davíð says that there are significantly fewer women donating blood in Iceland. Less than one-third of blood donations in Iceland come from women, compared to other Nordic countries where almost half of all blood donations come from women.

The criteria for people who can donate blood are constantly changing. “Especially for those who are taking some medicines and are rejected at some point because of these medicines, these criteria may have changed and closed due to improved technology and procedures. It is highly recommended that these doors be reopened for those who thought they were. “

Anyone between the ages of 18 and 65 can have a medical examination on the blood bank’s website and visit to see if they can continue to donate blood.

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