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Few people spin their own wool these days, but even less material is spun from dog fur. Eyjafjörður’s dog farmer uses 18 husky furs to make yarn, which his wife knits into hats and other garments.

A family of five living just outside Akureyri had their first dog in 2011, dog farmer Maria Björk Gusmundosdottir told RÚV.

“Of course, it started with just one, then another, and one-third. In the short version, this happened slowly over time,” she says.

As the packs got bigger, they started using dogs to pull sleds in sledding competitions. As they got more dogs, they eventually started a business that took tourists to ride a dog sled.

“When you start competing with them on a sled, you feel the power and how much fun it is,” says dog farmer Gunnar EyfjörðÓmarsson.

However, dogs are used for spinning and knitting yarn, so they are not only used for tourism.

“I wipe the floor twice a day every day when my hair is missing, so I started collecting for the first time a few years ago,” says Gunnar.

Gunner took a spinning course that he learned to spin from wool. Then he started practicing with pretty short dog hair.

Maria Bjork then uses the thread to knit. She initially made hats, but she also aims to make mittens and sweaters.

Hair that has accumulated for several years fills three large trash bags and is constantly being added.

Gunnar says this material will never be completed and this is an ongoing project.

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