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The city of Reykjavik anticipates that 20,000 to 25,000 people could live in the Vatnsmýri area if the domestic airport is relocated, RÚV reports.

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Transportation engineer Lilya Karlsdottir says it’s better to locate the airport in an area of ​​potential risk than in a busy residential area because of the potential for lava flows.

Authorities want to build an alternative domestic airport, but can’t agree on where it should be located. Reykjavik mayor Dagur B. Eggertsson wants a new airport somewhere in the southwest, while Icelandair wants domestic flights to continue from his Vatnsmýri. Vogar’s plans to build an airport at Hvassahraun are in turmoil.

“If we don’t build Vatnsmýri, we have to build it for people somewhere else, and then we’re expanding further into these active volcanic regions. requires a little bit of decision making, because it’s very bad for everyone involved with airports, especially those with small private planes,” Lilja said.

Urban planner Gudmund Krisjan Jonsson says the development at Vatonsmili is one of Iceland’s most cost-effective climate solutions. This will allow tens of thousands of people to commute to work without a private car. “This land in Vatnsmýri has great value,” he says.

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