Many crimes and emergency calls were reported this weekend as many metropolitan residents and visitors headed out for Culture Night (Meningalnot).

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Woman drugged, police refused to help

A woman who went downtown with her husband in Meningalnot believes her drink was drugged, reports Vísir. However, the police refused to help them because she had been drinking, and her husband had to leave her on a bench as she nearly lost consciousness while looking for her taxi. I didn’t.

Helga Linnet and her husband went to Lemmy’s in Austurstræti and ordered a drink each on their first night.

“When my husband decided to queue for the bathroom, I passed half the glass, but not all the way,” says Helga. “When he leaves, a man comes up and starts chatting with me, but when he sees my husband coming back, he leaves. But I don’t think there is anything out of the ordinary about it.” did.”

After about ten minutes, the couple left. On her way down the stairs, Helga felt something wrong with her leg and she fell to the ground. After that, she remembers nothing, except for occasional moments in and out of her consciousness. She says she has never experienced anything like this before.

Helga’s husband approached the police officers there and asked for help. A policeman asked, “Was she drinking?” Helga’s husband said yes, but “she’s never been like this after one drink.” Officers said she couldn’t have helped them if she had been drinking.

“My husband managed to push me onto a bench after falling over and over. He had to find a taxi so he was forced to leave me there,” says Helga. .

Her husband came back with a taxi driver and they put her in a taxi and drove straight home.

Helga said she contacted her aunt, an intensive care unit nurse, who recommended salty drinks like Gatorade, magnesium, and high-fat foods. She also said that the emergency room has medication for people on medication, but that it has to be administered on the same night, so if you suspect you’re on medication , should go there soon.

Helga says the police probably thought she was completely intoxicated.

Helga is still experiencing symptoms from the medication.

“I’m not the only one tonight. I hope there are more people like me who were lucky enough to escape,” says Helga.

Two stabbings in city center

At around 3:30 on Sunday morning, police received reports of two stabbings in the city center after official activities in Meningalnot ended. The victims were stabbed in the limbs and chest, respectively, and are still alive, he reports Vísir.

Three people were arrested and questioned in connection with the stabbing. One he was under 18 and the other two he was 19.

Deputy Superintendent Margeil Sveinsson said this was part of a larger and alarming pattern of violence.

“This is an increase in the carrying of weapons, and the fact that when people have weapons, it is only teenagers who are ready to use these weapons. It’s a particular concern that we have,” says Margalle.

Record number of urgent shipments

The metropolitan fire brigade has never had to transport so many people in ambulances on night shifts as they did in Meningalnot. The warden told his Vísir that there was a great deal more work compared to his previous Knight of Culture, but this kind of pressure comes with so many people.

A total of 116 incidents were registered with the ambulance, 85 of which were on the night shift, the most the fire department has seen on the night shift.

The phones were almost all located in the city center. The fire department has responded to all sorts of incidents, from people hitting curbs to being stabbed and “everything in between,” says Jonas Arnason, the metropolitan area’s fire chief.

Plus, it’s been three years since the last one, so there’s more pressure and transportation than a typical culture night.

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