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Gylfi Thor Thorsteinsson, Operations Manager for Refugee Arrivals, reports that up to 4,000 refugees could arrive in Iceland by the end of the year.

Already this year, nearly 2,200 refugees have arrived in Iceland, of which 1,300 are from Ukraine.

“The war isn’t over, the project is just beginning,” says Gilfi, who believes there is no end to the eyes of those fleeing Ukraine.

“Now, people are coming from places that have been bombed for weeks. These people are naturally broken and hurt in their souls. People settle in their souls and recover before they begin their daily lives. I need some time to do it, “says Gylfi.

Currently, there is a shortage of refugee acceptance, but there is a shortage of housing. Gilfi encourages Icelanders to offer their homes and property as potential long-term rents for refugees.

“We find it difficult to find rental housing in the private market because of the low supply and the very high prices for renting in Iceland,” says Gylfi.

Gilfi believes that the domestic refugee system has done a good job so far, but wants to remind everyone that the job is not done yet.

“We all want to do well and everyone is working together,” says Gilfi. “The war isn’t over and people keep coming, so we have to keep it. Keep in mind that this is really just the beginning.”

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