Volunteers have drawn a “progress pride” flag at the entrance to the Glera Church in Akureyri to show that the church is open to all, RÚV reports.

Sindri GeirÓskarsson, the parish priest of the church, says that the stylized flag of the church at the front door welcomes everyone to the church and recognizes the history of church exclusion and prejudice.

Sindri Geir says the deputy mayor contacted the church early in the summer about drawing a rainbow at the front door. The painting had to be approved by the church’s executive committee, which took some time but was successful.

The acceptance of the painting is almost positive. It is more satisfying and the overall atmosphere of the church is more vibrant. However, some people are unhappy.

“Perhaps one of the reasons I thought it was a good idea to do this now is that the Project One Story, One Step… was announced during the LGBTQ + Days in August. [They’ve been] We are collecting stories about the abuse of LGBTQ + people and their exclusion and prejudice from the National Church, “says Sindri Geir. “So I think it’s part of us trying to show that we’re admitting what’s wrong with history and what’s wrong, but we’re moving in a different direction. , I would like to show that it is an open arm and everyone is welcome here. “

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