I don’t hate us, but I’m glad it’s raining today! Perfect weather to get lost in the music we’ve chosen. Sunshine is stupid, gray is the best! Join the dark side! I haven’t been to Bónus yet, so no cookies, but great music. It has to count something, right?

All of these tracks, and many others The Grapevine has provided over the last 12 months, are available in our New Music Picks 2021-22 playlist.

Hekla – Shuyejar

The album is Hekla’s second album, and Boy sounds eerie and sinister. That’s what I imagine a shadow would sound like. The soundscapes are unforgettable, but when you think you’ve found a sense of intrigue and calmness, you’ll have the urge to look around and make sure there aren’t any scary creatures. Occasionally, however, it is comforting. After all, we were all created in darkness. What does it feel like to be floating in space alone? kilowatt

Shiggy – Reflection

SIGGY debut EP released! When I first heard it, I thought it was Arlo Parks for a second. “Reflections” is an intimate mix of music and lyrics, paired with the artist’s compelling voice. Siggy was born and raised in LA, but calls Iceland her homeland. And we want it to stay that way. Iceland needs a siggy. IZ

Björk – Atpos

I can’t help but include Björk. “Atopos” is so intriguing that I keep hitting the replay button to understand why. When we heard she was inspired by “gabber,” we weren’t sure what to expect, but now it all makes sense. Someone said it, and I feel it captures the point. Well, is there a better way to describe it? She’s her own whole genre. kilowatt

Find out more about her latest single here!

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