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RÚV reports that Gufnes will soon have a beach, a swimming pool, a kindergarten, unwrapped shops and an underwater restaurant. Reykjavik City Council approved his Þorpið-Vistfélag proposal and recently won a competition to design the Gufunes pier.

Áslug Guðrúnardóttir, Marketing and Communications Manager at Þorpið-Vistfélag, said: The idea is to take existing facilities like a small beach and build a beach, swimming pool, hot tub, apartments, partially submerged restaurant, kindergarten and grocery store. Become. ”

The mayor’s office will now begin negotiations on land plots. According to Áslug, the project will be realized in the next three to five years.

Other renderings in the project:

Þorpið-Vistfélag is a real estate development company focused on environmental issues, cooperation and harmonious coexistence of people. The company’s first project was the construction of housing for young people and first-time buyers in Gufnes.

“The area is transforming from an old, dead industrial area to a very vibrant one,” says Aslaug, who also plans to build a footbridge to Vizeei, not far from the city centre. continue if there is. It takes a long time to arrive. Water taxis to Viðey are also possible.

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