Vísir reports that a man in his 60s was reportedly arrested after shooting a vacant car outside Hafnarfjordur’s apartment this morning.

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The incident lasted about five hours and began at 7:00 this morning when police first received reports of the shooting. The shooter voluntarily surrendered to the police at 12:20.

The shooter hid in an apartment building in the Miðvang area. A police negotiator contacted him by phone and later determined that he was alone in the apartment. Police do not know what kind of gun the man used. He did not fire again after the first shot in his car.

Police state commissioners dispatched armed special forces to deal with the situation. Police officers closed the streets around the area and told the inhabitants to stay away from the windows. Víðivellir kindergarten staff and children across from the shooting were told to stay inside, and during police activities, the Nettó store behind the block was closed.

Skúli Jónsson, assistant police chief of Hafnarfjordur, said:

About 30 police officers were involved in the operation. Skúli told RÚV that police have reopened the area and have begun a formal investigation.

“The residents of this apartment did not agree with the fact that this happened, so there was a lot of preparation and work for the responders, but now natural research work has begun and what really happens there. Did you? ” Skúli.

The Red Cross Helpline (1717) can be used to assist individuals experiencing fear and worries after this incident.

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