RÚV reports that the amount of magma gathering just northwest of Mount Þorbjörn at Reykjanes is increasing.

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Scientists watching the area have seen the surface rise in the past week, recording thousands of earthquakes. They say the likelihood of a magnitude earthquake up to 6.5 is increasing.

The surface has already shown a staggering 3.5 cm uplift in the last few days, with magmas gathering about 4 km below the surface between Mount Þorbjörn and Eldvörp, famous for their rows of lava craters made in the 13th century. increase.

There have been about 3,800 earthquakes in the area in the past week. The biggest quakes were 4.8 last Saturday and 4.3 the next day.

As always, volcanic eruptions are notorious for being difficult to predict. Therefore, an eruption is possible, but the exact certainty is still unknown.

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