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Over the past two years, Kristján Hlynur Ingólfsson has summarized tourist deaths on a map showing dangerous areas of Iceland, with the southern and southwestern regions showing the greatest risks.

Kristján Hlynur, who passes by Hlynur, told Vísir that he began to consolidate the deaths of tourists during the COVID-19 pandemic. Then he started adding the deaths that happened before 2020. He did nothing with the data he initially collected.

But after the debate over the final drowning at Reynisfjara, he says he then decided to map. It’s difficult to interpret the data in a spreadsheet, but you can see the distribution as soon as it’s on the map.

He says he does not have all the deaths of Icelandic tourists in recent years, but includes all the deaths he finds in the media.

Hlynur states that he has taken up three dangerous areas of the country from his investigation and registration of the dead.

Around Reynisfjara, the main cause of death is overheating or drowning. Drowning is the main cause of death in Þingvallava, but a significant number have been added by the plane crash in February. On the road from Vik, most people died in a car accident.

Therefore, according to his map, the South is the most dangerous and most tourists are in the area, so it’s not strange, he says.

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