Published August 31, 2022

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Jan Frode Haugses/Wikimedia Commons

The Iceland Institute of Natural History recommends no more than 26,000 grouse harvests this year. This equates to about 6 birds per hunter.

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According to an announcement on the organization’s website, last spring’s survey showed an increase in ptarmigan populations in almost all survey areas, but over the long term, populations have declined. Inventories are above average over the last 20 years, but below average when compared to the last 60 years.

Measurements revealed less ptarmigan landings in the northeast and poorer landings in the west. The decline in the Northeast has been very large, and it is unclear whether the population growth in 2021-2022 will continue. The total ptarmigan population is estimated at 297,000.

“Fall 2022 grouse hunting populations will be on par with the worst four years since measurements began in 1995. Grouse are an important species in the food web and, above all, a prerequisite for the presence of peregrine falcons. Barista as a species in imminent danger In light of all this, the Natural History Institute will continue its efforts to reduce the total bird waste wherever possible and ensure that catches are reduced to hunting. Our focus is on not exceeding 9% of our stock,” the announcement said.

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