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According to domestic violence, women and LGBTQ + musicians will not perform at the “Rock Reykjavik” concert in September.

A poster for the “Rock in Reykjavik” concert was released, featuring 50 male musicians. The poster received a lot of negative backlash on social media. Musician Salka Sol Eifeld tweeted, “Like a Reykjavik cook?” In response to the.

People say the 1982 documentary by Fridrick Toll Fridrickson, who has the same “Rock in Reykjavik” title, was quite different. Björk appears on the poster and Q4U and Grýlurnar play a big set.

Some people on social media claim that there are no women in rock today, but bands such as Mammut, Börn, Vicky, Kælanmikla, Sykur, Vök and Angist have proved this wrong.

It should be mentioned that the previously linked DV story was published on Saturday morning. By Saturday afternoon, the festival’s organizer, a Nordic live event, posted on Facebook, and RokkÍReykjavík’s “Honorary Guest” will be Ragga Gísla, a member of Grýlurnar.

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