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It’s time for Westman Islanders to save their puffins once a year, reports RÚV.

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Around this time of year, purflings leave their nests for the first time. They like to fly at night, but often find themselves unable to find their way back to their nests and follow the city lights. In towns, pufflings fall prey to cats and other pets. Westman Islands children and adults work together to catch puffins and return them to their nests.

Last night the first purfling of the season was spotted in town.

“Yes, the first puffins were spotted last night, so it’s officially started,” says Margret Lilya Magnusdottir, head of the Puffin Sanctuary. “It always starts slowly but peaks after about two to three weeks.”

Margret says everyone is reaching out to save Purfling, but the outlook isn’t looking good this year.

“We went to see a puffin colony in late July and they removed some nests and dead puffins, but they were smaller than they should have been,” says Margaret. “So you would expect less purfling to occur this year as it indicates some sort of food shortage or something else.”

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