Published August 16, 2022

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RÚV reports that Ukrainian refugee children are unable to attend schools in Iceland because their parents do not have the necessary identification documents.

About 1,500 Ukrainian refugees have arrived in Iceland since the war began, and 4,000 are expected to arrive in Iceland by the end of the year. However, due to housing shortages, many of these refugees are not legally eligible to reside and their children are unable to attend school.

“Forecasts by various parties have to assume up to 4,000 people will come to Iceland. The rule is that if a child does not have permanent residency here in Iceland, they will only get a refusal from the school district.”

Natalia is the 12-year-old daughter of a Ukrainian refugee currently affected by permanent residency issues.

“We are now in temporary housing,” says Natalia’s mother. “We came here with Ukrainian passports, but she doesn’t have an electronic ID card, so we can’t enroll her in school. I’m worried.”

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