Welcome to the RVK Newscast! Valur Grettisson, Editor-in-Chief of Reykjavík Grapevine, returns to the Reykjanes Peninsula to report on the region’s earthquakes and magma movements, the impact of recent local elections and more. Read the information and links.

The local assembly election took place on Saturday, May 14, which was of great benefit to the centrist politician Shimpotō. As a result, the majority of the Reykjavik city council’s coalition government collapsed. The Reykjavik City Council has collapsed the formerly Social Democratic-led Pirate Party, Reform Party, and Left-Green Movement. Preliminary discussions on the formation of a new coalition are beginning to take place.read more here..

Several major earthquakes above M3.5 have occurred in and around the Reycanes Peninsula in southwestern Iceland in the last two weeks. Scientists have recorded large movements and deposits of magma near the Blue Lagoon and the HS Orca power plant. It is not clear if this will lead to another eruption in the area at this stage.read more here..

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