In this episode of the RVK Newscast, Grapevine journalist Josie Anne visits the fascinating historical island of Reykjavik, Viðey. Read below for more information and links.

Iceland has surpassed the Gender Equality Index for the 13th consecutive year. A report produced by the World Economic Forum praised Iceland for the number of women involved in politics. The four Nordic counties are among the top five countries of gender equality in the world. Finland and Norway were second and third, respectively, and Sweden was fifth. The fourth on the list is New Zealand.

The report on the sale of Íslandsbanki’s state-owned shares has been postponed for the second time. The report, made by state auditors, originally expired in June, but was postponed to late July. Currently, it is not expected to be ready until sometime in August.

An agreement has been signed between the state and local governments to build 35,000 homes over the next 10 years. The proposed plan includes a commitment to build 4,000 units a year in the first five years, 30% of which will be affordable housing and 5% of which will be secured as social housing.

There are currently 200 cats looking for a home in Iceland. Cats take care of the cat protection agency Villikettir. Please check this out for details. Learn more about Villikettir.

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The newscast was made possible with the help of a friend of Einstök Beer.

Thanks to Elding for taking us to Viðey! You can find out more about their trip here.

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