Following an increase in shootings and other violent crimes, safety audits will be conducted in Reykarundur, RÚV reports.

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Police currently do not consider this increase to be a public health problem. However, Reykjalundur’s director, Haukur Guðmundsson, and RunólfurÞórhallsson, deputy chief inspector of the Information Analysis Unit of the State Police Commissioner, believe that more organizations and institutions will consider security in more detail.

“Of course, in the last few weeks there have been certain situations in society that may have expanded the debate about security issues, so we have a firm eye on our approach to business and security. So I decided to face this debate head-on, “says Haukur. “I think many other companies and organizations have the same policy after the last few weeks of community events.”

Runólfur says the demand for security advice did not increase, and that if police had reason to believe this was an emergency, they would publicly review the situation.

“The rate of increase in our gun violence, the rate of mass shootings we have experienced over the past few years, may not directly require us to issue such types of warnings.” Runólfur says. “But it’s not surprising that companies think about security, accessibility, and other issues.”

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