Published August 29, 2022

The administration and school board of Polytechnic School in Suðurland are taking allegations of sexual crimes at the school seriously and intend to hire an independent person to advise them on such incidents, RÚV said. is reporting.

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This comes less than a week after RÚV reported that a student had committed a sex crime in class. The principal said at the time that the person would not be expelled unless proven guilty.

They believe the situation could have been handled better, especially when it comes to school response and information sharing.

School administrators sent an email to the student, which was posted on social media. The emails sounded very much like the school board’s announcement, telling management and the school board that they were taking the issue seriously, that they should have done better, that a meeting was held, and that an independent It states that a person is asked for advice.

The email also states that the alleged perpetrator will not be attending school in the near future, although this was not stated in the school board’s announcement.

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