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A group of teachers has sent a petition to the local government claiming to include sustainability education in the curriculum, RÚV reports.

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Currently, sustainability is only included in peripheral topics, but many teachers believe it should be at the core of education. The presence of climate insecurity in children is increasing, and sustainability education is a way to deal with these fears.

“Education for sustainability is a way to improve students’ ability to cope with the challenges of a changing world,” said Margrét Hugadóttir, project manager of the Icelandic Environment Association (Landvernd). “Currently we are facing many challenges and we are allowing students to undertake these tasks. We focus on finding solutions and rethinking our future. We want to show our children that the future is bright and that we can all make a difference. “

Local governments need to include sustainability education in their local education policies to ensure that sustainability education is part of the curriculum and that they receive the time and resources they need. Some schools already teach sustainability education, but may not have enough resources and time allocated to it by the local government.

“If time and money allow, this is often an extra project, so I would like to emphasize that this can be the core of school work,” says Margrét.

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