Two years have passed since the single or double flip cup flip flops were turned off, but by 2022 the bar was officially revived. This year certainly stood out in our local scene. Those who go to the bar were able to return their very grateful teeth to the weekly “Jamma”, as well as new spots and old classics stepping up to the sway of the plate and what they wanted. Provided. So get together again to celebrate the best Reykjavik nightlife offers and queue up the orchestra (and opals). Let’s do the truth: Icelanders love to drink. In fact, Icelanders probably don’t like to do more than drink. That may be the reason why there is no space program in this country …

The best secret

Luna Flórens

Granda garður 25

Photo by Art Bicnic

A part of Flower Child, Spiritual Guru, with a lot of whimsical mix. This is the perfect place to enjoy floral cocktails, cozy atmosphere and vegan cake slices. As a bonus, you can pick up the bread of the craftsman next door, or go out with a healing crystal bag or a rare succulent plant. And the problem may not be that you need a mass of amethyst and saguaro cactus, but after drinking three cocktails, you don’t know how you lived without them. So let’s release your inner hippie.

runner up:

Reykjavik version

Oster Bucky 2

Photo by Art Bicnic

I know everyone is talking about this place, but have you ever visited? The first five-star hotel in Reykjavik has several areas to drink, from the bar Tölt to the acclaimed restaurant Tides, but with its design and class, the entire location will amaze you. You don’t have to stay at a hotel or dine at a restaurant. I know it’s $$, but stop by for a drink and enjoy the spectacular views.



Klap parstígur 28

Photos from Joana Fontinha

I can’t think of a bar that fits the “best keep secret” bill better than a bar in a restaurant packed into a full-scale train. The Monkeys restaurant has a balloon-themed cocktail bar and a champagne train that accentuates the Phileas Fogg atmosphere. Expect bright and fruity drinks with ingredients such as yuzu, passion fruit, roses, shiso and raspberries.

Previous winners

2021: 12 toner
2020: RVK brewing company

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