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Þorsteinn Sæberg, President of the Iceland School Administrators Association, states that it is of utmost importance to use the results of the bullying survey within the school and it is not necessary to publish the results.

Bullying has increased over the past seven years, according to a School Pulse survey. In some schools, one in five students experience bullying.

The School Pulse Survey is the private property of each school and it is the responsibility of each school to determine the amount of information it wants to publish.

“There is no doubt that schools are using the results currently revealed from the survey to improve schools, services to children, and all the organizations there,” says Þorsteinn.

Þorsteinn does not believe that the general public needs to scrutinize how the problem is treated within the school. But parental and school cooperation is important, he says.

“Children’s mental health is deteriorating and needs to be addressed,” says Þorsteinn. “We need to work together, so it’s important for schools to work with parents, communities and schools to improve the environment of each school community.”

The Minister of Housing and School believes that the results are kept secret by parents and wants to publish the results.

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