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The majority of the new Reykjavik city council has been officially announced. Composed of the Social Democratic Party, the Progressive Party, the Pirate Party, and the Reform Party, the Social Democratic Party Dagur B. Eggertsson will be mayor until 2024, followed by the Progressive Party EinarÞorsteinsson for the rest of his term.

RÚV reports that the joint platform is 34 pages long and covers housing, development, minimum wages, free amenities for children, maternity leave, and property taxes.

The agreement plans to launch housing campaigns in Úlfarsárdalur, Kjalarnes, Hlíðarenda, Ártúshöfði, and Gufunes. The agreement also plans to build a new district in Skerjafjörður within Sundabrut, taking into account Reykjavik Airport. Sundabraut has an environmental assessment to prepare for the necessary structural changes.

The agreement plans to build sports facilities in most areas and expand the country’s gymnastics facilities. A new swimming pool is planned for Fossvogur along with Breiðhot’s dance and gymnastics hall. Vesturbær has plans for a new multipurpose ballroom. The minimum support granted for after-school activities will be increased from ISK50,000 to ISK75,000.

Elementary school students will be able to swim and take a bus for free. The plan also aims to speed up the maintenance of the school building.

The agreement hopes to close the gap between maternity leave and preschool. This plan hopes to go beyond sibling preferences, digital registration, and improved working conditions at school.

The agreement promises to reduce property taxes on commercial real estate. However, no promises have been made regarding residential real estate. Reykjavik plans to continue to be in favor of family workers in terms of taxes.

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