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Frettablaðið reports that Iceland may be turning to wind energy as another source of green energy, with the cost per megawatt of wind energy declining by 56% over a decade.

Despite being a perfect candidate for Icelandic wind energy, Icelanders are controversial on this topic. Icelanders are wary of potential threats such as visual pollution, icing, and bird death. However, Samorka, a federation of energy and utilities, says the damage can be undone because wind turbines can be shut down.

According to a survey conducted by the Japan Meteorological Agency, Iceland is well suited for producing wind energy. However, the maximum height of a wind turbine that can generate the most energy is 200m, which is not visually ideal. It is possible to build a wind farm at sea, but at a higher cost.

“According to basic research, the situation in Iceland seems to be particularly good and producing high utilization,” said Samorka, Secretary-General of Finnur Beck. “If the goal is to continue producing electricity in the most efficient way for Icelandic people and businesses, then the use of wind energy cannot be ignored.”

Energy companies across the country have a history of working with local governments and landowners on energy development projects, and Finnur suggests that continuing this trend offers significant opportunities for potential wind energy.

Dalabyggð became one of the first cities to incorporate wind energy in the future. The Planning Agency has already approved the municipal master plan to build two wind farms. The plan is currently awaiting approval from Alþingi.

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