Published August 22, 2022

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David Blakey/Wikimedia Commosn

The Horseday app is an app designed specifically for the Icelandic horse community, reports RÚV.

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An application that analyzes the gait of horses and links genealogical information.

“It’s a kind of social network, but it’s also an analytics tool that allows people to record their rides. The app analyzes the horse’s gait using the phone’s sensors and records distance and speed,” says Oddur. said the CEO of Olafson.

With over 4,000 users worldwide, Oddur believes the future of the app is bright.

“This app naturally improves the overall care of Icelandic horses, bringing their well-being and equestrianism into the modern age,” says Oddur. “I think this will naturally become a major application connecting the Icelandic horse world. In the future, we will develop the app and adapt it to connect other horse breeds around the world.”

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