Vísir reports that the special committee reporting to Prime Minister Katrín Jakobsdottir intends to investigate the treatment of adults with developmental or mental illness in government facilities dating back to the 1970s.

The Commission recommended that the Prime Minister establish a special investigative commission on this issue on Wednesday. The investigation was aimed at focusing on recent years, but the Commission reports that the group is very likely to have been damaged in the facility over the past few years, so retroactively institutional and treatment for persons with disabilities. I think it is important to investigate.

News coverage of the abuse of Arnerholt’s inhabitants in the 1970s led the Commission to propose a retrospective study. In addition, an assessment of the situation in the children of Kopavogur revealed that adults were being abused and abused.

“The purpose of such retrospective investigations must be to allow abused people to be recognized and to receive appropriate support to overcome difficult experiences,” said Frétta blaðið.

31 of 69 municipalities did not respond

Of the 69 municipalities contacted, 31 did not respond to the Commission’s request for information, despite repeated requests. RÚV reports that the respondents were Reykjanes bær and Akureyri, the fourth and fifth most populous municipalities in the country.

Arni Muri Jonason, director of the disability service organization LandssamtökinÞroskahjálp, was surprised by the indifference of so many municipalities. He was pleased that the investigation was conducted by Congress rather than by the government, but would have hoped that the investigation would go further back than 1970.

“These are stories that people have been treated in a completely unacceptable way to accept justice, and that we have to tell in order to learn,” says Arni Muri. .. “We need better supervision of these vulnerable people who have been taken out of society, placed in institutions, and placed somewhere. And, of course, it puts people at high risk of not enjoying the minimum rights. It means to be taken. ”

The main conclusions of the committee

The Committee proposes to carry out the investigation in accordance with the provisions of Law No. 1. 68/2011 on the Investigation Commission. Such arrangements give the investigative committee independence, strengthen its investigative powers, and follow Congress’s will that general law applies to such investigations.

The proposed research period is from 1970 to 2011 and from 2011 to the present. The investigation is based on indiscriminateness within the scope of the investigation, It should be based on transparency, both in terms of procedure and results.

Persons with developmental disabilities or mental health problems should be included in the committee. In addition, gParticular emphasis should be placed on ensuring that people with developmental disabilities and those with mental health problems are fully assisted in presenting their cases to the Commission and following up.

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