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Iceland Meteorological Agency

Seismic activity on the Reycanes Peninsula has continued since the eruption last year, and the Icelandic Meteorological Agency reported a magnitude 3 earthquake earlier this morning.

The office reported 91 measurable quakes on the Ray Canes Peninsula this week, most of which were less than one magnitude point.

The magnitude 3 quake was the largest in the region in the last few days, occurring about 4 km southwest of Fagradals fjall.

A few minutes later, there were several magnitude 2 earthquakes.

As reported, seismic activity on the Ray Canes Peninsula has increased in recent weeks. In addition, the surface appears to be rising, causing scientists to speculate that magma is gathering beneath the surface.

However, it is uncertain whether an eruption is imminent. However, this area is always under seismic surveillance.

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