Women who work full-time make up about 86% of men’s total wages, the Wage Statistics Commission reports.

In most cases, women’s wages are higher than men’s. This is because the government is raising the minimum wage and women are likely to have lower wages.

The city of Reykjavik has the lowest wage gap between men and women.

“There are 85% of men’s wages, but women are much lower in Reykjavik, which is 5% lower than men. In Reykjavik, they make up 95% of men’s total salary,” wage statistics. Guðbjörg Andrea Jónsdóttir, chair of the committee, said.

Basic hourly wages rose significantly during the wage agreement, rising nearly 23%. The increase is the largest in Reykjavik, close to 30%.

Full-time workers earned an average of 823,000 ISK per month in 2021.

“It depends a lot on which employer is involved. It’s low in local governments, around 680,000, and the highest in the state as an employer, with an average of 903,000 per month,” says Guðbjörg.

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