Tom Boggins stood at the bar, saw the horse betting on the surge at the last turn, and realized he was going to win. But Dublin doesn’t remember seeing the end of the race. “The next thing I knew was that the bartender was standing on top of me and asking what happened. He said I was just hooked, I blacked out of all adrenaline. It’s like a skydiver jumping off an airplane, and the danger and excitement closes my heart. “

In 2018, Tom saved money for Epsom Derby that year and made a “lucky 15” bet — 15 bets worth the choice of four events. He won a big win — the cumulative amount he pulled in was five digits. But that was his urge, and quitting while he was ahead was not his option. By the end of the day, all the money was gone. Tom put the prize money in various races and lost. The come-down from the previous euphoria was intense. “That night I was a man’s shell,” he says. “It was like knowing what it was like to be dead, but by then I was so absorbed in everything that I couldn’t feel it at all.”

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