Rep. Andrew Chan Chakmo, Second Speaker of the Legislative Assembly The Standing Committee states that game promoters and their “collaborators” can deposit money on behalf of their respective gamblers into interest-free accounts opened by their respective game concession companies.

The commission is considering government-led legislation to regulate junket operators (formally known as game promoters) in the city.

After yesterday’s closed-door meeting to consider the junket bill, Chan added that deposits would only be legal if explicitly approved by gamblers.No government officials were present at yesterday’s meeting. I didn’t.

The latest version of the junket bill makes it illegal for junket operators, management companies, or their so-called collaborators to solicit, solicit, or accept deposits of cash or game chips from others with the intention of profiting from the casino. Proposes to prohibit the receipt of unsolicited deposits. However, junkets and junket-employed collaborators are permitted to deposit cash or gaming chips on behalf of gamblers into special accounts established by their respective gaming companies.

The bill proposes penalties of two to five years in prison where other laws do not impose heavier penalties.

Under the bill, the crime of illegally taking deposits would include the city’s game concessionaires, management companies hired by the concessionaires, game promoters and their subagents (formally referred to as “collaborators”), games It is proposed to apply to “everyone” in the industry. according to the bill).

Chan stressed that this is to eliminate illegal fundraising at local casinos, adding that it should not be confused with regular junket services. He intends to profit from casino gambling.

Chan further said that junkets help gamblers to exchange money for rolling chips, making it more convenient for gamblers, but not through accounts opened by the game’s concession companies. can only be operated. But Chan said it was legal for junkets to receive tips from gamblers.

The latest version of the junket bill proposes that the approval and coordination of contracts signed by respective game concession companies and junket operators must be approved by the government’s Economic and Fiscal Policy Officer. The bill proposed that any adjustments to contracts should be approved by the director of the Directorate of Gaming Inspection and Coordination (DICJ).

In an earlier version of the Gaming Bill, the Gaming Commissioner proposed that by November 30th of each year there should be a maximum number of junkets operating for each gaming concession company for the following year. However, the latest version of the bill proposes that the maximum number be accompanied by: Additional criteria such as the development of the game industry, the size of the game industry, and the overall economic conditions of each game concession company.

According to the DICJ, there are 37 gaming promoters in operation as of April 2022, with one requesting license revocation. The agency said it reviewed the eligibility of 31 “collaborators” last year.

Macau’s revised gaming law will take effect on June 23, allowing the government to allow up to six gaming concessions in public tenders expected to be completed by the end of the year, allowing up to six gaming concessionaires to begin operations Now straight away.

The commission will hold another meeting tomorrow to consider the bill, the Macau Post Daily reported.

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