Labor-related laws do not allow game concessionaires to pay employees in the form of company stock, the Labor Department (DSAL) said in a response to an inquiry by legislator Ron LamU Tou.

According to an internal memorandum recently sent to employees, game operator Wynn Macau introduced a voluntary scheme last week that requires manager-level staff to receive 10% of their monthly base salary in exchange for company stock. It was reported.

Employees who choose to participate in this voluntary salary stock scheme will redeem 10% of their monthly base salary for a grant of Wynn Macau shares.

Recently, some trade unions, along with Mr. Lam’s written question, said the system was defined as voluntary, but pressured employees to choose the stock exchange plan. Raised concern that it could be felt.

DSAL said in its response that employees who feel their workers’ rights and interests will be affected, especially if wages are reduced without their consent, can report to the Department. ..

DSAL also noted that the agreement between the company and its employees to pay compensation in a non-currency form does not comply with the provisions of labor law and no relevant agreement is considered to exist.

If the employer is found to have violated the law, the agency will be punished and required to fulfill its obligations in order to protect the rights and interests of employees’ legitimate workers. I took note.

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