Questioned by detectives in Limerick’s ‘square penalty point’ investigation, MAN criticized the tactics used by the military.

e said he acted “over the top” when police officers searched his family’s home armed with guns in the middle of the night.

Several people Gardai suspected had their penalty points expunged by police officers were informed by the Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) that they had decided not to bring charges against them.

Retired superintendent Limerick Garda and four Gardai servants were indicted last year on charges of trying to pervert the course of justice.

The DPP has decided that these five defendants should be indicted and brought to justice, but the office will not indict dozens of civilians, including high-profile Harlers, politicians and media officials. I decided.

Also, a group serving Midwest-based Gardai has been dormant for the past two years and remains so. These officers have not been charged with any crime, but are being carefully questioned by detectives from the National Criminal Investigation Service.

Three years ago, the NBCI launched an investigation into “corruption of public office” after it suspected that senior police officials were passing information on investigations to suspects.

Following the cell phone seizure, they launched an investigation into whether Gardai had assigned penalty points to certain parties.

One of the people NBCI questioned and told not to be charged said the way NBCI’s Gardai interacted with him was “very disturbing.”

He said it was “a huge relief” that no charges had been filed, but that it was “shocking what happened.”

He said, “Not only was it shocking what happened, and it turned ordinary people into criminals, it was shocking.

“What happened was, Gardai came to my house and I could see men in suits sitting there and they were armed. Had and wanted my phone and said they were investigating me.

“So they took my phone away and I gave it to them without hesitation because I wanted to follow everything. you will lose.

“After that, I spent hours with the attorneys at the Legal Affairs Bureau. The interviews were very focused. Of course I was worried.

“It was worrying, but very disturbing to call home in the dark of night with a search warrant. It was over the top.”

“We were told that the DPP (the Director General of the Prosecutor’s Office) had notified Gardai that there was no grounds for prosecution and that we would be returning our phones.”

“They went knocking on people’s doors at night with search warrants. You couldn’t make it up. That was most disturbing.”

Law Officer Dan O’Gorman represents retired Limerick Garda Superintendent Eamonn O’Neill, who is still on trial on 30 counts of trying to distort the course of justice as part of the investigation. increase.

Regarding other individuals who have not been charged, he added: Others who remain in an air of uncertainty.

“I have requested a public inquiry into this entire incident.”

O’Gorman also asked Justice Minister Helen McEntee to “reconsider” the entire investigation.

Gardai said an investigation led by the National Criminal Investigation Service was “ongoing”.

Along with Mr. O’Neill, the four who serve Gardai are on trial for a total of 12 charges of trying to distort the course of justice, in that they were involved in trying to square off penalty points.

They are Sergeant Michelle Leahy of Roxboro Road Garda station. Sergeant Anne-Marie Hassett, Kelly’s Division, ex-Limerick. Garda Tom McGlinchey, Murroe Garda Station; Garda Colm Geary of Clare’s Division;

Also, many Gardai in Limerick and Clare have been suspended pending the final results of an investigation that has been ongoing for the past three years.

A source said it is still possible that someone who was told not to be prosecuted could be brought in as a state witness in the trial of Mr. O’Neill and the four court guardsmen.

A Garda spokesperson said:

“The Department of Justice does not comment on matters in court,” they added.

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