Country superstar Garth Brooks was in the mood for his first press conference ahead of a five-night run at Croke Park.

The singer admitted he was full of nerves before the show, but spoke affectionately about both his wife and Irish fans.

In fact, he and his partner Trish Yearwood have revealed they’ve been waiting a long time for their “second honeymoon” in Ireland, which takes place after the show in Dublin.

of friends in low places The musician hopes he and his wife will hear “a lot of stories” during their tour of Ireland and get “a lot of hugs” from fans.

But before tonight’s first show in Ireland in 25 years, Brooks, 60, took time yesterday to praise his country singer wife.

Yearwood was the backing singer when Brooks last performed in Dublin. But this time, the Tulsa star wasn’t sure if she’d make it to the stage.

Brooks’ voice cracked with emotion when she spoke about her love for Yearwood and how she offered to change her last name to him on their 15th wedding anniversary two years ago.

“Her gift to me was…” Brooks said, but was devastated. The singer apologized to the media before the rally.

“If you knew Jackie Yearwood (his wife’s late father), he was one of the kindest men on the planet.

“He had two daughters. Yearwood’s name is with me. I said, ‘Don’t change the name.'”

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The singer tells his wife: That much I belong to that woman, I love her. “

The country star also said that he was full of love for his fans, and that he was grateful for the life they gave him and his children for a comfortable life.

Brooks said, “People don’t[usually]make a living out of music,” and that he and his family are “very lucky and very lucky” because fans “heard something and invested in it.” I realized that I am blessed with

“Because of that, my children’s children can go to college. My father had to work his butt so that his children had a chance to go to college. And , took out a government loan, and that’s how we got through it, but you guys made our lives so much easier.”

The singer said he was “extremely grateful” to his Irish fans for supporting his music throughout his 37-year career, and some of them were “crazy enough to go on all five nights.” ‘ he joked.

He believes they will be overjoyed to see him in concert. It looked like there was

“We’re talking about making things great again,” he said. “I don’t believe in it. I believe in the best now. We can only improve.”

“And that’s what we do in our lives, with our children, with our country. We make them better every day…”

He spoke with his wife again about her love of meeting and talking to people. I have high hopes.

“Everyone loves her and should,” he said. “She’s a normal, down-to-earth person.

“Usually it takes an hour and a half to get to the grocery store.

“I hope the same thing happens here. I hope I get to meet a lot of people.” added.

Brooks added that she lost 50 pounds in preparation for the Crocker show. “He’s the same weight as when he played here in ’97,” he said.

He said he was still “nervous” despite his excitement about running in Ireland.

Regarding the 2014 cancellation, the singer said: The comeback tour should have started. It’s not her 2014 fault that I’m here. I’m here because of her 90’s The Point.

“You are you
You’re an entertainer, but you’re not entertained until you’ve entertained Ireland. “

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