Representatives from 26 schools nationwide participated in the celebration.

The Generation Amazing Foundation – the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 Legacy Program offered by the Best Delivery & Legacy Commission (SC) – marks the end of the school’s program term.
A celebration event was held at the Qatar Foundation’s Multaka Ballroom in the educational city, attended by representatives from 26 schools nationwide.
An annual program in collaboration with the Ministry of Higher Education, children benefit from sports in development sessions that teach a variety of life skills such as leadership, communication and teamwork.
The lessons also address issues such as gender inequality, exclusion, bullying, climate change and cultural barriers. The goal of this program is also to work in Jordan and Oman to enhance the well-being of children, their families and the wider community through training, collaboration, creativity and inclusion.
Nasser Arcoli, Director of the Generation Amazing Program, said: “We are proud to have this program in Qatar, Jordan and Oman for the FIFA World Cup in Qatar. Face-to-face training is an important part of the program. It is triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic. We were able to smoothly carry out the tasks that were addressed. “
Al Khori goes on to say: “We have succeeded in establishing a strong foundation for the core program of the curriculum offered at schools each year. We are paving the way for sports development and Qatar 2022 is in this country and region. Introducing a powerful heritage that remains throughout. “
Faisal Al Bader, Director of Physical Education, Educational Guidance Department, Ministry of Higher Education, said: Thanks to Generation Amazing and SC for celebrating the students and teachers involved. “
“We are enthusiastic about developing the curriculum and supporting all the initiatives that help the country achieve the goals set in the Qatar National Vision 2030.”
Part of the school’s program included training local PE teachers at Lusail’s New Generation Amazing Community Club. The training consisted of face-to-face and e-learning modules, after which the teacher provided the students with sessions.
Daf Keefe, Deputy Principal of Sherborne School in Qatar, talked about the impact of this program.
He states: “The Generation Amazing School program helped students make new friends, develop teamwork skills and respect each other. Due to the pandemic, some students are physically, socially and emotionally Faced with challenges that affect their health, it’s great to see students enjoy the sport again and Generation Amazing plays a very important role in their activities. “
Launched by SC in 2010, Generation Amazing is active in countries around the world including Qatar, India, Jordan, Lebanon, Myanmar, Nepal, Oman, Pakistan, Philippines, Rwanda and Uganda.
The foundation operates in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, promotes football inclusion and gender equality for development programs, and has had a positive impact on more than 750,000 people since its inception. I did. We aim to have more than 1 million beneficiaries by the end of 2022.

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