George Michael’s piano is to be auctioned to support major music therapy charities.

The late singer Bechstein’s grand piano will be placed under the hammer at the O2 Silver Clef Awards ceremony on July 1st, in collaboration with the charity Nordf Robins.

Fans from all over the world can participate in live auctions, as well as musicians and supporters participating in the event.


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According to charity, the Bechstein grand piano was bought by Michael and stood at his home in Highgate, London for many years.

Michael’s property donated the piano to Nordf Robins to continue the singer’s relationship with the charity he supported throughout his career.

In 1989, the singer was awarded the prestigious Silver Clef Award by Nord Frobins for his contributions to British music.

When he won the award, he bid a “significant amount” on the guitar at a charity auction and returned the instrument for auction again the following year.

George Michael’s property states: “On behalf of George Michael, we are proud to continue to support Nord Frobins.

“George endorsed many philanthropic and philanthropic purposes that his property would continue to do in his memory during his lifetime.

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“We hope that the revival of the O2 Silver Crefranch after two years of absence will be a huge success and will raise a significant amount of money to help the piano continue this important task after the most difficult years for the sector. Most of us remember. “


George Michael was presented with his Nord Frobin’s Silver Clef by Serena Scott in 1990.

Blind and autistic pianist Derek Paravicini will play one of Michael’s favorite songs on the piano at the pre-auction award ceremony.

Charities said the auctioned piano revenue, along with other items on sale, “provided a huge funding boost to Nordoff Robbins, and trained music therapists are the most vulnerable people in the UK. We will be able to support some of them. “

George Michael’s legacy is hugeSandra Shemburi

Sandra Schemebri, Chief Executive Officer of Nordoff Robbins, said:

“George Michael’s legacy is huge in his kindness and generosity not only in his contribution to music, but also in helping others.

“We are proud to honor George, who won the Silver Clef Award in 1989. He continued to support us throughout his career.

“This auction will be specialized by Derek’s performance. People in the room and around the world will be able to hear George Michael’s beautiful music replayed on his piano.

“Derek shows how important music is to connect everyone and realize human potential.

“We hope this year’s auctions and ceremonies will be the biggest fundraising event ever, because we need more work with vulnerable and isolated children and adults than ever before.”

The O2 Silver Clef Awards are held to recognize and celebrate the talent of artists who come into contact with people’s lives through music. This event will help Nordoff Robbins raise significant funding to enable the brand’s music therapy to continue to be offered to support vulnerable people. People all over the UK.

Pianos will be sold by the Auction Collective during the O2 Silver Clef Awards Ceremony at the Grosvenor House Hotel in London on July 1st.

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