The problematic mural includes a depiction of a pig wearing a helmet with the “Mossad” coat of arms.

In the same work, the man is depicted in Orthodox Jews, fangs, side locks often associated with red eye, and wears a black hat with the SS insignia.

The work was concealed after Jewish leaders and the German embassy in Israel expressed “disgust,” but the line now casts a deep shadow on the 15th edition of the event.

Germany’s Minister of Culture Claudia Roth supported Schollmann’s resignation and demanded an investigation into how anti-Semitic activity was recognized in the first place.

“We have to draw the necessary conclusions,” Ross said: Frankfurter Lundshaw every day..

Documenta’s board of auditors admitted that “unfortunately a lot of trust was lost,” pledged to prevent other “anti-Semitic cases,” and promised a full investigation.

The demonstrators have banners supporting Israel in front of the Documenta event hall. Photo: dpa

However, Remco Reemhaus, director of the American Jewish Committee Berlin, accused Documenta of being underdeveloped and “not yet understanding the problem.”

Quoted by Built Every day, Reemhouse was particularly critical of the Board’s reference to “anti-Semitic accusations” because the work was clearly “anti-Semitic.”

The contemporary art event has been controversial for months over the inclusion of a group of Palestinian artists who are strongly critical of the Israeli occupation.

Ruangrupa was accused of including The Question of Funding Collective in connection with the BDS Boycott Israeli Movement.

BDS became an anti-Semitic brand by the German Parliament in 2019 and was banned from receiving federal funding. About half of Documenta’s € 42 million budget comes from public funding.

Kassel was home to a vast forced labor camp during World War II and was heavily bombed by the Allies. Documenta sought to bring Germany back to a cultural map after the Nazi campaign to shatter the avant-garde.

The trade fair, which runs until September 25, is currently ranked at the Venice Biennale, one of the world’s leading contemporary art showcases.

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