Down Yonder, Rosses Point, Co Sligo Suggested price: € 2.4 million Agents: Savills (01) 6181300 and DNG Flanagan Ford (071) 9159222

HILE It’s almost eight times the size of an average family home of 8,114 square feet. Downyonder, a coastal real estate property at Rosses Point in Slygo, actually consists of three parts.

This is the main component recovered from three very different era homes that were once in Tyrone and Fermanagh, to the recycled material used in the construction of the Down Yonda with a bedroom with nine private bathrooms. Because it contains.

Evan O’Hara, who owns Downyonda, and her family were hit life-changing in 1997 when her husband Ronnie suffered a brain injury after a fall.


The house is located on 19 acres and is within walking distance from the beach at Rosses Point.

“At that time, Ronnie was in the masonry business and I was in the IT business in Slygo. He was told he would never work, so we look around the various businesses and think about accommodation. I decided to.”

After two years of rehab, Ronnie recovered completely and Evan decided to sell her business and enter the stone business with him. It was around this time that they came across a location in the town of Downyonda at Rosses Point and bought it in 2000.

Regarding the design of the house, Evan, his father John Leiden, a technical drafting teacher, told a well-known local draftsman to “make the building available for the future” in case their lives change again. I proposed to do it.

As part of that process, they include a bedroom with nine private bathrooms, which may be accommodation for guests, to provide additional options for running a business from home in the future. I did.

Even before they got a building permit at Rosses Point, Evan was looking ahead.

“My hobby was antiques, buying and selling personal furniture.” My friend and I were auctioning furniture at this lovely old Georgian home in Omar. It turns out that it is about to be knocked for redevelopment.


View of Benbarbin

“It was a big and beautiful Georgian country house. And it was in bad condition, but you never get permission to knock it on today.

“We asked what they were going to do with the floors and doors, and if we were interested, we were told we had three days to bring whatever we wanted. I did. “

The couple paid £ 2,000, and the next day Ronnie and his workers got a flatbed truck and headed for Omar. “We basically demolished the house.

“We pulled up all the floorboards and took out all the doors, architrave and window shutters that were used as panels in the house. The arched interior doors and their glass were put together from Omar. .as much as possible.”

Oharas wasn’t finished yet. “After the house was knocked, we went back and got a sturdy stone windowsill with beams from the stables used in the solarium, and enough to use for the chimneys here. A large amount of bricks have been recovered from the chimney stack. “

Much of the wood needed work before it could be incorporated into a new home.

“There was about 150 years of paint on it. I was told that I needed to blast with crushed walnut or hazelnut shells to get the grain back intact.

Once processed and reusable, local carpenters used old wood for new uses, giving the place a distinctly old-world feel. They placed a 11.5-foot ceiling in the living area, and plastering friends did all the decorative corning and plastering work.

When it came to the exterior finish of Downyonder, O’Haras returned north due to the Fermanagh sandstone recovered from the demolition of houses of two different eras.

Therefore, it can be argued that the souls of three very old and elegant homes are now in Down Yonder.

It ended in 2003, and with four children, O’Haras lived happily here until 2012, when he had to close the stone business due to the long-term effects of Ronnie’s accident.

So, at that point, they decided to follow Evan’s father’s advice and used the spare capacity of the house to open a boutique bed and breakfast in 2013.

“It’s a shame we didn’t make it faster,” says Evan. “It worked really well and really fit Ronnie’s big personality. It also meant that we could stay home with our kids.”

Sadly, when Ronnie was diagnosed with cancer, fate gave them another unfriendly hand, and he just reached new heights in the guesthouse business, just after a short illness in 2015. I died.

“We were named the best B & B in Ireland in 2015 and ranked 10th in the world by TripAdvisor. We got a call in January and Ronnie died in April.”

Since then, Evan has been in the bed and breakfast business, and now with all the kids who graduated from college, she decided to move on to something new.

“I was happy to be here with the kids. Downyonder allowed me to run a business while I was around Ronnie and at the same time able to take care of him.”

So she sells Down Yonda as a family home. It’s partly a business, but it’s gathered together as a family home and wants to be bought that way.

The Down Yonder was completely refurbished in 2017 to improve insulation and is now rated for B2 energy.

The footprint of the house is a very shallow “V” shape, designed to take full advantage of the distant sea and Benbarben views.

The walled entrance through the stone pier with the cast iron gate leads to the front of the dwelling through a tree-lined road.

The front door leads to the lobby, and the arched door from Omar, with its original glass, leads to the corridor.

The guest toilet on the other side of the cloakroom on one side of the lobby is accessible from the hall. In large corridors, reprocessed wood appears on floors, doors and architrave.

Wood and decorative plastering work give the place a genuine Georgian atmosphere.

The door on the left side of the hall leads to a drawing room with a bay window overlooking the garden. The other leads to Ben Barben, one of the most beloved beaches in the northwest, at Rosses Point and a living room with sea views.

Both rooms are connected to a semi-circular solarium and breakfast room with stunning views.

The kitchen extends out of the house in an upside-down “U” shape, with corner windows and French doors for the best views of the house.

A large size that seems to be in a featured guesthouse, it includes a solid wood island, a countertop, hand-painted units, and an Aga cooker.

On the right side of the corridor, there is a corridor that runs the length of the house, with access to the dining room, study and four bedrooms.

The formal dining room has a marble fireplace with a bay window overlooking the front yard.


Wooden panel bathroom in one of the private bathrooms

All four bedrooms on the ground floor have private bathrooms, and the largest bedroom has a window with sea views. The private bathroom in another bedroom is a complete wooden panel with wooden floor and a free-standing bath.

The stairs at the end of the corridor lead to a spilled level basement. The basement has a utility, two warehouses, a workshop and a game room.


The house has a bedroom with 9 private bathrooms

The master bedroom on the upper floor has a spacious private bathroom, dressing room and large dormer windows with sea views. There are 4 more bedrooms with private bathrooms on this floor.

The house has 19 acres of land, within walking distance of Rosses Point’s beaches and 8 km from the vibrant town of Slygo with colorful and trendy shops and pubs.


Another view of the property

Down Yonder is currently offered for € 2.4 million through the Savills Country Agency and co-agent DNG Flanagan Ford.

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