In the previous story Independent We investigated why ghosting occurs. This article is about dealing with ghosting. The first thing to remember to get some kind of closure is what you can say or say to dig into the reasons and prevent others from ghosting you. Don’t try to understand what to do.

Studies show that ghosting causes complex emotions that are close to physical pain, similar to general rejection. Understand that in most cases ghosting isn’t about you, it reflects a lot in the ghosting itself. So don’t blame yourself. It’s not personal, just don’t put a wall around you.

Give priority to yourself. In the aftermath of ghosting, you need to focus on self-care. Take time with your friends, family, and the people who support you and take care of you. Indulge in activities that make you happy, from physical activities such as cycling, swimming, running and yoga to mental activities such as meditation, painting, talking with friends and shopping.

When you think about ghosts and why questions start to occur, remember to remind yourself and reconstruct their perception of them. It is others who have broken your trust and deviated from what you need to have a mature, healthy relationship. Anyway, keep in mind that this wasn’t the right person for you, and that it wasn’t.

Take a break from the app date for a while. Avoid them as much as necessary. If necessary, take it offline and detox from social media. In an era when relationships that start online are becoming more common, ghosts can feel alienated or isolated from the digital community when someone in close contact through text or social media is ghosted. I have. This means that not all helplines are digital or social media related and you need to set up a system to meet real people and talk to friends outside the text or phone.

Don’t be content with negative self-talk, as ghosting affects your self-worth and can adversely affect your current and future relationships, whether romantic or general.

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