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G4G (Girls for Girls) continues to shape the path to a stronger present, and the future of girls and women aimed at having a reading culture was kindly hosted by the World Health Organization at the United Nations in Kuwait in June. Was done on 7th, 2022.

Dr. Emily Gaucher, Ph.D., majoring in Islamic Studies at Princeton University, a senior mentor of the program, formed the Kuwait G4G Book Club and led the first discussion. The round table was co-sponsored by Dr. Assad Huffies of WHO. Dr. Assad Huffies discussed with members of Girls4Girls a foreign policy white paper on the impact of women’s empowerment on world peace. Will be treated.

Mercedes Vazquez, Microsoft Kuwait’s Territory Channel Manager, G4G Alum and Volunteer, describes her experience as follows: I was particularly impressed with her Excellency Belinda Lewis’s insight into the courageous leadership, getting rid of fraudster syndrome, and the need to shatter the glass ceiling in a male-dominated environment.

I recommend this program to everyone. In addition, women’s empowerment is good for the country’s GDP. I would like to thank Navira for bringing this initiative to Kuwait. She added that gender equality is for the greater common good and is essential for economic prosperity and diversification. In addition, we look forward to seeing how gender equality can be achieved in a digital environment using frameworks such as Responsible AI and AI for Good.

Girls for Girls Initiative within Women’s Cultural & Social Society

A relatively new program, Girls for Girls, was born in 2017 at Harvard Kennedy School. A group of female graduates around the world have found that they are preventing women from running for public office around the world.

This program was brought to Kuwait by Country Lead Ms. Nabila Abu Hantash – She was founded in 1963 under the umbrella of Women’s Cultural and Social Society, Kuwait’s oldest women-centric NGO. This synergistic partnership has increased credibility and provided the resources needed to promote G4G’s outstanding deliverables.

In 2020, Harvard University graduate and co-founder colleague Nabila Abu-Hantash decided to introduce the project to Kuwait as a citizen initiative. She is a financial and investment banking expert with 30 years of experience in commercial and investment banking, business development, customer relationship management, and community relationships. She holds an MBA in Finance from George Washington University, an MPA from the Harvard Kennedy School of Government, a leadership, management, and decision science accreditation from Harvard University, and a decision science from MIT.

In addition, she is a Rapid Transformation Therapist. She has held various leadership and technical roles in corporate Kuwait, including the National Bank of Kuwait, Al-Shall Investment and Consulting, Kuwait Authority for Partnerships Projects, and Al-Argan International Real Estate.

Abhuntash describes the nature of the program as “a discreet and informal mentoring platform with rich content drawn from Harvard, where participants are encouraged on topics such as leadership, effective communication, negotiation and execution. Give access to skill-based tools, including virtual lessons. ” For ethics and values ​​in the office, and in decision making. Girl mentees benefit not only from carefully selected content, but also from experienced mentors and local guest speakers who share their experiences and stories. The program is designed to listen and share so that women can learn from each other by revitalizing and communicating a rich support community. Includes negotiation, communication and career mental health details.

The program has experienced several milestones of success within the last 16 months of its inception. It has become established as a flagship program within the Women’s Association and has been sponsored by the National Bank of Kuwait. We welcomed incredible female and male leaders, including Sara Akbar of the Oil and Gas Division and Judge Luluwa Arganim, who represented the first group of female judges. Al-Aragan Real Estate engineer Khaled AlMashan, former home medicine program director Dr. Samiya Al Musallam, Kuwait’s British ambassador Linda Lewis, and many other respected guests. Her Excellency shared with Menty the importance of not burning the bridge, getting rid of impostor syndrome, and not treating everything as gender-based. Through face-to-face discussions, Menty shared the stories of female leaders, inspired models, and benefited from an ever-expanding peer-to-peer network.

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