Macau officials will strive to reduce the currently required quarantine period to 10 + 7 and even 7 + 7 systems this summer, Chief Executive of Hong Kong Ho Iat-seng said today (Monday). I reported.

SAR’s current medical observation requirements for most medium-risk and high-risk locations require a 14-day intensive quarantine period and a 7-day health self-care period.

However, this relaxation depends on two conditions: the pandemic situation will be eased, and if a similar plan implemented in some mainland cities succeeds, Ho will open a new health center for Seac Pai Van. Said after the ceremony.

10 + 7 trial quarantine, including 10 days of medical observation at a hotel and 7 days of home quarantine, for people who had close contact with foreign travelers and infected people in four cities on the mainland last month. The measurement period was carried out.

Ho also dispelled rumors of moving between Hong Kong and Macau, saying he was exempt from quarantine in August and did not receive relevant information, making a decision based on coordination between the health and public security departments. ..

Regarding the mitigation of travel between Macau and Zhuhai, Ho considered the effectiveness of the seven-day nucleic acid test for customs clearance, which took effect last week, already “very mitigated” for the time being.

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