The Macau government has cultivated two pack-on lots that represent a total area of ​​11,000 square meters.

In the two parcels recovered, the concessions on their respective lands were declared invalid, with parcel G of 4,690 square meters between Avenida SonOn and Ruada Riqueza and parcel H of 6,406 square meters between Avenida Son On and Largode Pac On.

The area was previously surrounded by metal fences and gates, on which construction materials, machinery, containers and vehicles were placed. The Department of Land and Urban Construction (DSSCU) has issued an eviction notice requiring residents to move out and return within the specified range. Limit.

On subsequent on-site inspections, DSSCU personnel confirmed that the objects deposited on Lot G were basically removed, but still some objects and debris remained.

After the voluntary eviction of the land has expired, the Macau government will fence the two lands and post a notice to prevent illegal occupation, leaving the two lands to recover without being returned. Performed joint inter-departmental actions for.

As of March of this year, the Macau government has divided a total of 512,900 square meters of land into 54 parcels that have been declared invalid for land concessions since the amendment to the Land Law came into force in 2013. I collected it.

However, if a trial concession revocation case involving 31 lots is in favor of the SAR authorities, its area could increase to 721.400 square meters.

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