The Macau government has pledged an additional 10 billion MOP (US $ 1.25 billion) for financial relief for public and other pandemic-related costs in the light of the current outbreak of community Covid-19. Treasury Secretary Lei Wai Nong today (Saturday)).

This brings the total amount of financial bailouts advocated by the government to 20 billion MOP. The government has already said on June 19 that a total of 10 billion MOP of financial support measures will be deployed, including one-off subsidies to employees, self-employed people and businesses. Exemption from tourism tax. Fuel subsidies to the taxi sector. others.

At today’s press conference, Ray talked about the city’s latest pandemic situation, which has reported 1,706 new cases since June 18, and the measures pledged on June 19 are gradually being prepared from early August. He said it would be ready.

The Executive Council has completed discussions yesterday (Friday) on the revision of the 2022 government budget. This shows an additional allocation of nearly 35.16 billion MOP for the city’s financial bailout in the recent outbreak of community Covid-19. The revised budget was also submitted to the Legislature of Hitachi last year for deliberation.

This is the second revision of the city’s 2022 budget, running out a total of nearly 72.75 billion MOP from its financial reserves to support local businesses and the general public. Prior to these two budget revisions, the government has already spent more than 100 billion MOP from public sources in the last two years to cover the decline in revenues such as tax revenues from casinos and additional costs for pandemic measures. I forked.

Ray said today that authorities have already consumed 167.8 billion mops from financial reserves since the pandemic began more than two years ago, and the latest budget revisions will cover lower-than-expected game revenues this year. Said that. According to the latest official statistics, Macau’s game revenue totaled 26.27 billion mops in the first half of 2022, down 46.4% year-on-year, to just over 17% of pre-pandemic levels.

Officials added that the standard for one-time subsidies for employees pledged on June 19 would also be relaxed, benefiting more workers. The income level of employees eligible for one-time grants is from 2020 to 2021 compared to the previous requirement of MOP 6,000 to MOP 480,000 for the period 2020 to 2021. The total of MOP is less than 600,000.

Authorities today announced that partial blockades will continue from July 18th to July 22nd, including the suspension of all non-essential commercial and business activities such as casinos. Restrictions were first implemented between July 11th and 17th to curb the current outbreak.

Listen to the general public

“We understand that this outbreak puts unprecedented pressure on the people, and the government shares this sentiment,” said the Secretary of the Economy and Finance.

When asked what new aid the government would offer with the addition of 10 billion Macau, for example, if there was a new round of cash distribution, Ray did not provide details today and said, “General assistance. I just said that there is. Residents staying in Macau at the time of this outbreak, including the elderly, housewives and children.

Authorities also emphasized that authorities have different plans to support the local economy and the people. It will be adjusted and deployed in response to the latest developments in the local pandemic situation.

“Therefore, we didn’t wait to announce financial bailouts until the outbreak ended, but we already promised to take action just one day after the outbreak began, and we also coordinated these measures. I continue to do that, “he said.

Regarding the addition of 10 billion MOP, Ray said: [I] We believe that if we work together, we will be successful in our anti-pandemic efforts. ”

He added that authorities “listen to the public’s views” on new fiscal bailouts, details of which will be announced in due course. He did not comment on whether civil servants would be subject to action.

“Our top priority now is to curb outbreaks and achieve a’dynamic zero corona’,” he added.

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